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Pokemon Champions: VR


Pokemon Champions VR is a robust Battle Simulation created for PCVR. It features fully realized 3D environments re-imagined from your favorite classic Pokemon Games. Utilizing Speech Recognition technology, Pokemon Champions aims to bring an immersive and fresh experience to hard-core, returning, and brand-new fans of the Pokemon franchise. Featuring characters from all corners of the franchise, which battles you take part in is up to you, as you challenge these Pokemon Champions!

The game will feature both single player-challenge battles, and a multiplayer mode based on Pokemon Showdown's open source Battle Simulator. The game has been in active development for 4 years. Featuring stunning 3D environment art from Millennium_Oops, Pokemon Champions VR aims to be the most immersive Pokemon experience to date.

The game has been in delopment for 4 years, and is aiming for a mid 2024 release window. It is currently my most active project.

To follow the game's progress, join the Discord Server and follow the Twitter Account.

The Old Chateau

Unreal Engine 5

Created by 3D Artist Millennium, The Old Chateau is a first person horror game set in the world of Pokemon. The player has wandered into a haunted mansion and is now trapped inside. The goal of the game is to find 3 keys and escape.

The game saw widespread success on YouTube, being played by multiple popular creators. Overall, the game has seen well over 10,000 views accross multiple YouTube videos, as well as over 30,000 views on Twitter.

I worked on the following systems: Item Inspection, Dynamic Doors, Item Randomization System, Haunted Event System, and other gameplay touchups.

A link to the game's trailer and download can be found here.



PyDawgEngine is a 2D game development framework wrapped around the Pygame game engine. PyDawgEngine has been in active development for over 3 years now, constantly recieving new updates to allow developers to make the 2D game of their dreams.

PyDawgEngine gives developers a custom Object/Component hierarchy to replicate the development style of Unreal Engine. PyDawgEngine attempts to ease the burden of the developer, and handles plenty of boiler-plate game development features such as collision, physics, user interface, debugging, events, and even multiplayer networking.

A link to the repository to download the engine along with a custom example game can be found here.

A tutorial for creating a simple project can be found here.


Unreal Engine 5 - C++

Arelle is an open world, procedurally generated, 3D survival RPG. Not much has been revealed about Arelle, but I have been developing it solo for the better part of a year. More information will be available as things are ready to be shown. The Systems in this game are complex, and I'm taking my time to ensure the game is not only technically impressive, but also entertaining.

Stage of development: Prototyping.



Chipset is a 2D co-op/multiplayer rogue-like shooter created in my own custom engine, PyDawgEngine. The game boasts a suite of customizable weapons, allowing the player to clear room after room of enemies in their own unique way.

The game has been in development for over 2 years now. I am developing this along side PyDawgEngine, so I can ensure PyDawgEngine has all of the features to make a complete game.

A link to the gameplay teaser can be found here.


C# - Winforms

Lumi-Bnk is an editor for WWise Sound Bank Objects created for Team Luminescent's Pokemon Luminescent.

A link to the project's repository can be found here.

First: Robotics


I am programming captain of my schools FIRST: Robotics team. I was voted into this position by my teammates. For the last 3 years, I have been both designing the code structure and tackling technical puzzles to push our team to do as best as we can during the competition.

This year, I have been helping teach new team members the Java programming language, as well as general programming concepts, along with our mentors.

The team's website can be found here.



This website was created from scratch using Razor Pages, with an Ubuntu server running Caddy.

The website can be found... wait... you're already there!